We went to the amusement park for mom's birthday.
Forming Possessives


The possessive gives ownership to nouns.The possessive gives the answer of who owns the noun.

Sentence Structure:

noun + 's

Mike + 's = Mike's


Question: Is this your pencil?
Answer: No, it's david's pencil

Question: Is this mike's car?
Answer: Yes, it's mike's car.

Question: What holiday is it.
Answer: Mother's Day.

Possessive proper nouns that end in -s will end with -s'.

*A proper noun is the name of a person or object.
(EX: Statue of Liberty / Ashley)

noun + s'

Mike + 's = Mike's


1. Tess' car.

2. Charles' pencil.

Last names also use -'s when forming the possessive.


last name + 's


1. It's Mr. Smith's hat.

2. He's Mr.Young's son.

He's using the gas station's restroom.
Writing Exercise
Please use a pencil and paper to complete this exercise. Compete the sentences with the correct form of the possessive. The first sentence has been completed for you.
(Seth) Mike went to house,
(Mike) because car broke down and he needed to call the tow truck.
(Seth) phone wasn't working. Seth sent Mike to his next-door-neighbor, Louis.
(Louis) phone was working and Mike called the tow truck.
  While Mike was waiting for the tow truck, there were many boys outside playing.
(boy) The ball had gotten stuck in tree.
(Charles) A boy walked over to Mike and said ball was in a tree
(Mike) and with help, the boys could get the ball out of the tree.
(tree) Mike went to the tree and climbed up the thick branches.
  Mike got the ball. After he climbed down the tree, the boy said thank you.
(Mike) At that moment, tow truck came and Mike left with the repairman.

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