I don't like cake on my face.

Definition:  Contractions are made when nouns, pronouns, or certain forms of be are combined with an auxiliary verb to make one word.

Note: Contractions are usually accepted only in informal conversation, not formal conversation or writing.

Common Contractions

1. I + am = I’m

2. it + is = it’s

3. is + not = isn’t

4. it + has = it’s

5. they + have = they’ve

6. she/he/(etc.) + would  = she’d/he’d

7. I/she/he/(etc.) + will = I’ll/she’ll/he’ll

8. you + are = you’re

Sample Sentence:

1. I’m learning English.

2. It’s my birthday.

3. She isn’t going.

4. It’s been a very long time.

5. They've gone to the movies.

6. She'd want you to have these pictures.

7. I'll go to the store and get some bread.

8. You're very wet.

She's very wet.

Writing Exercise. Please use paper and pencil to change the bolded text into contractions. The first sentence has been completed for you.
It is for sale. = Answer: It's
I am a student.
The car is not for sale.
I will go to the store
It has been great.
They have gone to the store.
You are out of pretzels. (The word out means: there is "0" left.)
You are out of time.
We will be back at 5:00pm.
She would go to the store if she had a car.


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