"I hate this computer."
Demonstrative Pronouns


Demonstrative pronouns talk about the distance you are from specific objects.

Use this and these for objects that you can reach with your hands without getting out of your seat or moving your legs.
* For example, your computer is in front of you, you would use this. This is singular, these is plural.
(Example Sentences 1 and 2)

Use that and those for objects that are not close to you. Objects you cannot reach, you must get out of your seat to touch them, you would use that and those.
That is singular, those is plural.
(Example Sentences 3 and 4)

Intensive Pronouns:

1. this 2. that
3. these 4. those


Example Sentence:

1. This computer is in front of me.

2. These pencils are in front of me.

3. That restaurant is in another city.

4. Those cars are down the street.

I hate these sticky notes.
Choose the correct demonstrative pronoun. The first sentence has been completed for you. English Logic will put a checkmark ) next to your correct answers.

If you look up the hill, is my house.
keys you are touching are important.
restaurants in the other city are expensive.
restaurant we are in looks nice.
book bag in the other room is mine.
award you are touching belongs to my Grandfather. Be Careful!
drinks we are drinking are disgusting.
Do not drink drinks on the other side of the room. They are not good.
map we are next to is old.
trees in oregon are huge.

You have right answers out of .

Score: %

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