Neither of them like taking taxis.
Indefinite Pronouns


Indefinite pronouns replace nouns that are not specific.

Intensive Pronouns:

1. all 2. another
3. any 4. anybody
5. anyone 6. anything
7. both 8. each
9. either 10. everybody
11. everyone 12. everything
13. few 14. many
15. neither 16. nobody
17. none 18. no one
19. nothing 20. one
21. several 22. some
23. somebody 24. someone
25. something  


1. I gave all my money to him.

2. Both of them are happy.

3. Everybody must sign the form.


1. All - is 100% of the idea 2. Another - is asking you to choose a different option.
3. Any - Use any when you don't care which option is chosen. 4. Anybody - means anyone, and there is no one preference of what person is chosen. Any is the same as anyone.
5. Anyone - means any one and there is no preference of what person is chosen. Any is the same as anybody. 6. Anything - means there is no preference of what thing is chosen.
7. Both - includes two things, ideas, people, or places. 8. Each - means you want to separate everyone, but you still want 100% of all the people.
9. Either - means you have two options, you do not care which option you get. 10. Everybody - means 100% of all the people
11. Everyone - means 100% of all the people 12. Everything - means all or 100%. Remember thing is an object.
13. Few - means three 14. Many - means 50 % to 70%
15. Neither - means you have two options and you choose nothing 16. Nobody - means none, no person will be accepted. Same as no one.
17. None - means 0% 18. No one - No person will be accepted. Same as nobody.
19. Nothing - means 0% 20. One - simply means one (1)
21. Several - means three 22. Some - means three (3)
23. Somebody - A choice needs to be made on which person is chosen, but you do not care who is chosen. 24. Someone - An unknown person, when you do not know the person's name use someone.
25. Something - A choice needs to be made on which thing is chosen, but you do not care what is chosen.  
"One of us is going to win."
Choose the Indefinite Pronoun for each sentence. The first sentence has been completed for you. English Logic will put a checkmark ) next to your correct answers.

Question: Do you want this wine.
    Answer: Yes, give me of it.
Question: How many people can come?
Question: Do you like these two shirts.
    Answer: Yes, I like of them.
Question: What items do you want.
    Answer: I want
Question: How many apple pies do you want.
    Answer: Give me a of them.
Question: Is there someone knocking at the door.
    Answer: No, it's , its just the wind.
You must enter the movie theater (quiet, quietly).
    Answer: of them.
Question: Do you want apple or oranges.
    Answer: Ask person.
Question: There are too people at the store.
    Answer: Yea, I know. It's crazy.
Question: of my college applications came in the mail today.
    Answer: You must be patient, you just turned them in yesterday.

You have right answers out of .

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