" How did I get this job?"
A Noun Clause that Starts with a Question


Noun clauses that start with a question word are usually used to answer a question.  The examples should better explain this.


Question: Where does she live?
Answer: I don't know where she lives.

Question: How do you speak French?
Answer: I don't know how to speak French.

Question: Who is the man in the green shirt?
Answer: I don't know who the man is.

Question: When are you going back to school?
Answer: I don't know when i'm going back to school.

Question: Why is she writing a book?
Answer: I don't know why she's (she is) writing a book.

"I don't know how this sign got on my back."
Writing Exercise
Please use a pencil and paper. Complete the sentence with the correct noun clause. The first sentence has been completed for you.
Question: Where does Tom live?
  Answer: I don't know...
  Answer: I don't know... where Tom lives.
Question: Who is going to be at your party?
  Answer: I don't know...
Question: How do you make bread.
  Answer: I don't know...
Question: When are you going to the supermarket.
  Answer: I don't know...
Question: Why is she cleaning?
  Answer: I don't know...
Question: Where is Oregon?
  Answer: I know...
Question: Who is at the door?
  Answer: I know who's (who is)
Question: How do you ride a bike.
  Answer: I understand...
Question: When are they going to New York city.
  Answer: I know...
Question: Why is she laughing?
  Answer: I know...


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