"I think that I used too much white-out."
A Noun Clause that Starts with the word "That"


Noun clauses that start with the word "that" are used to answer questions in which a person who is answering is thinking or giving an opinion. 

"That" will usually come directly before the pronoun in the sentence.

Sometimes "that" will come directly before the common noun.


1. I think that she's nice.
*Notice: "she's" a pronoun.

2. I know that answer.
*Notice: "answer" is a common noun.

Writing Exercise
Rewrite each sentence placing the word "that" in the sentence. The first sentence has been completed for you.
Question: Is oregon hot this time of year?
  Answer: I think it definitley is.
  Answer: I think that it defenitley is.
Question: Is Dr. Walker a good physician?
  Answer: I think he's a geat physicain.
Question: I this juice good?
  Answer: I think its pretty good.
Question: Are the trees in the Uited States large?
  Answer: I know there very large.
Statement: I think that the U.S. is a small country.
  Answer: I think it's a huge country.
Statement: I love the French language.
  Answer: I think it's a beatiful language.
Statement: I believe in God.
  Answer: I think he's real.
Statement: I never uderstand him.
  Answer: I think he's difficult to undertand also.
Statement: Is New York a nice city to visit?
  Answer: I think it's a wonderful city to visit.
Statement: I believe in ghost.
  Answer: I don't, I think that they're fake.


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