"If I had not drank so much wine, I would not have this problem."
Conditionals Introduction


Conditional Sentences discuss real and unreal situations. Conditional sentences suggest ideas about a topic.

Conditional Sentences are saying that you think an action will happen if another action happens.

There are two kinds of Conditional Sentences: real and unreal.

Real Conditional Sentences describe real-life situations. (See example 1 and 2)

Unreal Conditional Sentences describe unreal, imaginary situations. (See example 3 and 4)

Conditionals are very popular in the American language. They are very useful when speaking and are commonly said in daily conversations.


1. If the weather is too hot, we will not go to the beach. (real, not imaginary)

2. My mom always cooked, when I was younger. (real, not imaginary)

3. If I could fly, I would go to California. (unreal, imaginary)

4. If I had I million dollars, I would buy my own island. (unreal, imaginary)


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