"When I see a copy machine, I like to copy my face."
Present Real Conditional


Conditional sentences are saying that you think an action will happen if another action happens.

The Present Real Conditional is used to talk about your normal actions in real situations.

Both "if" and "when" are used with the Present Real Conditional. Using "if" suggests that something happens less frequently. Using "when" suggests that something happens regularly.


*The present tense is highlighted in each sentence.

1. When I go to the movies, I like to buy popcorn.

2. If it rains, I use an umbrella.

3. When I go to the store, I buy food.

Sentence Structure:

if / when + simple present, simple present

simple present + if / when simple present

"When I get my paycheck, I'm going to New York City!"
Choose the correct form of present tense for the conditional clauses. The first sentence has been completed for you. English Logic will put a checkmark ) next to your correct answers.
If I to school, I usually the bus.
If I to school, I usually the bus.
If I too much water, I have to
If the dog a person, he has to
When I my car, I usually the tires.
When Tom and Pat to California, they usually to Los Angles.
When the city of New York a parade, they the streets.
If I this test, I usually crying.
When I to the store, I usually on the sidewalk.
If I don't my homework, my mother usually at me.

You have right answers out of .

Score: %

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