"When I was younger, I used to dance all night."
Past Real Conditional


Past Real Conditional is when you did an action in the past, and you chose to do a second action in the past because of the result of the first action. (Look at example 1).

Remember, Past Real Conditional is in the past.

The phrase "used to"is similar to example 1. "Used to" tells the listener that you did an action in the past but you no longer do the action in the present. "Used to" is used to help the listener understand that your action was a habit (an action that you did many times). (Look at example 2)

Both "if" and "when" are used in the Past Real Conditional. Use "if" if you are telling the listener that an action did not happen regularly. Use "when" to tell the listener that an action happened regularly.
(Look at example 3)


1. When I was in school, I used to play sports.

2. When I was younger, I used to read picture books.

3.When I spoke to people in large groups, I used to be nervous.

Sentence Structure:

if / when + simple past, simple past

simple past + if / when simple past

"When this dog was smaller, he used to be much easier to clean."
Choose the correct verb for the Past Real Conditional. The first sentence has been completed for you. English Logic will put a checkmark ) next to your correct answers.
When I a dollar, I used to spend it. Now, I put the money in a savings bank account.
If I a long book in English, it used to be difficult. Now, with practice, it's much easier.
When I to mow the grass, it usually took me a long time. Now, I hired a person.
If I a long distance, I usually took a long time. Now, I can run marathon.
If the weather good, I usually took my dog on a walk.
When I to complete my school work, I often took . Now, I am older and wiser.
When I an argument with my mother, I usually took upset. Now, I don't anymore.
I used to to work everyday. Now I drive.
When I was younger and I invited to many parties, I usually took a bottle of wine with me.
I used to a lot, but now I don't drink alcohol anymore.

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