Take a break and check your answers!
Choose the correct verb for the Past Real Conditional. The first sentence has been completed for you.
When I dollar, I used to spend it. Now, I put it in a savings bank account.
If I a long book in English, it used to be difficult. Now, with practice, it's much easier.
When I to mow the grass, it usually took me a long time. Now, I hired a person to cut the grass.
If I a long distance, I usually took a long time. Now, I can run marathon.
If the weather good, I usually took my dog on a walk.
When I to complete my school work, I often forgot. Now, I am older and wiser.
When I an argument with my mother, I usually got upset. Now, I don't anymore.
I used to to work everyday. Now I drive.
When I was younger and I invited to many parties, I usually took a bottle of wine with me.
I used to a lot, but now I don't drink alcohol anymore.
  After you have finished checking your answers. Practice your pronunciation by repeating each sentence after I say the sentence in the audio. Please repeat the audio two(2) more times. Then continue to the next lesson.


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