"If I look for a new job tonight, I will be happier tomorrow."
Future Real Conditional


The Future Real Conditional describes what you think you will do in the future.
(Look at example 1)

It is different from other Real Conditional forms because you do not know what will happen in the future, you must guess.

It is called "real" because it is still possible or likely that the action will happen in the future.

Both "if" and "when" are used with the Future Real Conditional. Using "if" says that you do not know if an action will happen or not. "When" says that an action will happen; but you are waiting for that action to occur. (Look at example 2 and 3)


1. When I run the marathon tomorrow, I will be tired when I finish.

2. If I study English, I will be fluent.

3. When Tom travels to France, he will take a plane.

*Remember: "When" is %100 - you are sure the action will happen.

*Remember: "If" is 50% - you are not sure an action will happen.

Sentence Structure:

if / when + simple present, simple future.

simple future + if / when simple present.

"If I take the stairs, it will take me longer."
Choose the correct form of Future Real Conditional for each sentence. The first sentence has been completed for you. English Logic will put a checkmark ) next to your correct answers.
If I to the gym tonight, I will need a towel to go swimming.
If I to the store now, I will miss my favorite television show.
When I some money, I'm going to buy a new computer.
When the weather better, we will start going to the beach.
If I can my homework, I'm going to the park.
If I to california, I'm going to take my wife with me.
When I to california, I'm going to take my wife with me.
If she does her poorly, I will have to ask her to do the work again.
If the book too long, I will not have a chance to finish it.
When I get to this morning, I am gong to call my mother.

You have right answers out of .

Score: %

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