Take a break and check your answers!
Choose the correct form of Future Real Conditional for each sentence. The first sentence has been completed for you. English Logic will put a checkmark ) next to your correct answers.
If I to the gym tonight, I will need a towel to go swimming.
If I to the store now, I will miss my favorite television show.
When I some money, I'm going to buy a new computer.
When the weather better, we will start going to the beach.
If I can my homework, I'm going to the park.
If I to california, I'm going to take my wife with me.
When I to the movie theater, I will buy some candy.
If she does her poorly, I will have to ask her to do the work again.
If the book too long, I will not have a chance to finish it.
When I get to this morning, I am gong to call my mother.
  After you have finished checking your answers. Practice your pronunciation by repeating each sentence after I say the sentence in the audio. Please repeat the audio two(2) more times. Then continue to the next lesson.


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