"If I were smarter, this job would be easier."
Present Unreal Conditional


Same as Real Conditional sentences, Unreal Conditional sentences are saying that you think an action will happen if another action happens.

The Present Unreal Conditional is used to talk about your actions in unreal situations. These situations are imaginary actions.

In the Present Unreal Conditional, always use "if" and "were."

When you are discussing imaginary situations "when" cannot be used.


*The present tense is highlighted in blue.

1. If I were rich, I would fly to the moon.

2. If I were taller, I would play professional basketball.

3. If I were blonde, life would be easier.

Sentence Structure:

Sentence Structure: if + simple past, would + verb
Sample Sentence: If I were rich, I would fly to the moon.

Sentence Structure: would + verb ... if ... simple present.
Sample Sentence: I would exercise more, if I weren't so lazy.

"If I were less busy, I would go on vacation."
Choose the correct form of the present unreal conditional. Follow the sentence structure above to help you answer the questions. The first sentence has been completed for you. English Logic will put a checkmark ) next to your correct answers.
If I working , I would buy a car.
Tom would if he hadn't broken his leg.
If Ana reading, she would be better at English.
If the teacher my test, I would know what grade, I got in my class.
If I to the movies, I would not do well on my test.

Question: Who would you pick if you go to the school dance?
    Answer: I Ann or Emily.
Question: What would you buy if you had one million dollars?
    Answer: I would a big house.
Question: What would you do if your wallet was stolen?
    Answer: I would the police.
Question: Where would live if you came to the United States?
    Answer: I would in Washington, D.C.
Question: What car would buy if you could buy any car in the world?
    Answer: I would a Porsche.

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