"If I had taken that other job, I would not be so bored now."
Past Unreal Conditional


The Past Unreal Conditional is used to talk about imaginary or unreal situations in the past. You are describing an action(s) you would have done differently or how an action could have happened differently. (Look at example 1)

Remember Past Unreal Conditional is in the past, so you no longer do the actions in the present.

Only the word "if" is used with the Past Unreal Conditional. When you are discussing imaginary situations "when" cannot be used.


1. If I had been president, we would not be in trouble now.

2. If I would have played the lottery last week, I could have won $100 million.

3. If I had been faster, I could have been an olympian.

Sentence Structure:

If + past perfect, would/could have + past participle.
If I had been a famous scientist, I could have been rich.

Noun + would have + past participle + if + past perfect.
Susan would have studied, if had not gone to work.

If I had downloaded another game, I would be much happier.
Choose the correct Past Unreal Conditional Form for each sentence. The first sentence has been completed for you. English Logic will put a checkmark ) next to your correct answers.
If I had smarter, I could have been accepted into Harvard.
If she had faster, I would have given her a better tip.
I would have the lawn quicker, if we had a better lawn mower.
Seth could have the race if he had practiced more.
Susan would have , if she had found a nice house.
If Mary would have hard, she might still have her job.
If michael had been attention, he would have gotten a better grade on the test.
Ann would have to Paris, if she could have afforded the plane ticket.
I would would have to California, if gas had not been so expensive.
I could have a famous musician, if I would have won American Idol.

You have right answers out of .

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