Take a break and check your answers!
Choose the correct Past Unreal Conditional Form for each sentence. The first sentence has been completed for you.
If I had smarter, I could have been accepted into Harvard.
If she had faster, I would have given her a better tip*.
I would have the lawn quicker, if we had a better lawn mower.
Seth could have the race if he had practiced more.
Susan would have , if she had found a nice house.
If Mary would have hard, she might still have her job.
If michael had been attention, he would have gotten a better grade on the test.
Ann would have to Paris, if she could have afforded the plane ticket.
I would have to California, if gas had not been so expensive.
I could have a famous musician, if I would have won American Idol.
  *Remember the American Culture, is heavily based upon tips or extra money for good service.
  After you have finished checking your answers. Practice your pronunciation by repeating each sentence after I say the sentence in the audio. Please repeat the audio two(2) more times. Then continue to the next lesson.


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