Take a break and check your answers!
Choose the correct continuous conditional form for each sentence. The first sentence is completed for you.
She is down the street.
If Ann is still television, I would ask her to help you.
If Tom is his home work, I would ask him to help you with yours.
If Jennifer is for the marathon, I would practiced with her.
If she had been attention in class, she would have gotten an "A" on her test.
If the dog been at home, he could have stopped the thief from coming in the house.
If Mike had been , he would have heard the teacher give the directions.
If I were English in the United States, I would quit my job tomorrow.
If I were a lot of money, I will buy a big house for my family and I.
If I were English, I would try and ask my boss for more money.
  After you have finished checking your answers. Practice your pronunciation by repeating each sentence after I say the sentence in the audio. Please repeat the audio two(2) more times. Then continue to the next lesson.


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