Take a break and check your answers!
Choose the correct verb form for each "were to" conditional sentence. The first sentence has been completed for you.
If I were to a ghost, I would be so scared.
If the tornado were to have the school, the people of the city would be very upset.
If I were to an "A" on my test, my mom will allow me to go out with my friends tonight.
If someone were to nice car we could borrow, tonight would be perfect.
If the computer were to down, I would lose all of my work.
If my cell phone were to off in the middle of the exam, I would be so embarrassed.
If we were to an earthquake, the city would be in panic.
If I were to tonight, for the whole test, I may pass.
If I were to my driving test tomorrow, I will finally have my driver's license.
If I were to you dinner tonight, you must wash the dishes.
  After you have finished checking your answers. Practice your pronunciation by repeating each sentence after I say the sentence in the audio. Please repeat the audio two(2) more times. Then continue to the next lesson.


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