"Who gave you such great gifts?"
Adjective Clauses
An adjective clause is used to describe the noun in a sentence.

Adjective Clause: Definition: Example:

Who is used for humans and domestic animals.

*Domestic animals are animals humans use for pets. (Ex: dogs, cats, birds, etc)

My friend, who is the nicest person in the world, gave me a great birthday present.
(who = my friend)

Whom Whom is used for humans. Dr. Crew, whom Ben doesn't like, is my professor in psychology.
(whom = Dr. Crew)
Which Which is used for things and animals. Seth has a book which has great pictures. (which = book)
That That is used for humans, animals, or things. John is writing a paper that his professor assigned. (that = paper)
Where Where is used to represent a location. The apartment where I live, is in a good location. (where = apartment)
When When is used to represent a specific time. That time when I broke my arm was horrible. (when = time)
Whose Whose is used to show ownership. I know the girl whose essay won an award. (whose = girl)

Choose the correct adjective clause for each sentence. The first sentence has been completed for you. English Logic will put a checkmark ) next to your correct answers.
Mike has dog chews up many things.
I know a friend mother is the president of a company.
I know a place the chicken is outstanding.
Dr. Linda my friend loves, is not accepting patients.
My bird, is the best bird in the world, loving carrots.
The computer I wanted to buy is too expensive.
The person hit my car yesterday has not been caught by the police.
The book I borrowed from Linda has been stolen.
That time I lost my dog, was very sad for me.
The man house I am looking to purchase, is willing to lower the price.

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